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From research to prototype… Working with Westfield Health

The Client

Westfield Health is a leading non-profit organisation specialising in healthcare plans and insurance cover. With the help of Paper, Westfield Health aimed to develop an innovative healthcare product from the very early concept stage to a working, and tested, prototype.

Westfield Health chose Paper because we have a flexible approach that cuts out the wasted time and money that can easily creep into a project. Designing and testing a new digital product is complex, especially in a large organisation, but we use a lightweight approach that works.

Working together

From the get-go Paper worked with Westfield Health to involve the right people at the right time, collaborating with stakeholders from the Compliance, Underwriting, and Marketing departments. We wanted to involve all the relevant people to avoid pitfalls later on, going the extra mile to shape the proposition and get the project on the right track.

Involving a variety of departments early on in the project was extremely beneficial to both Paper and the client. We’re not a team of ‘yes people’ - we listen to stakeholders but we avoid drawing conlusions before we research with real customers and feed the insights back into the discussion.

This method not only got us talking to people, it got people talking to each other. In a large company where reaching out to your colleagues may prove difficult, our approach of working together to bounce ideas made sure every voice and concern was considered.

Research and prototyping

Westfield Health had already conducted in-depth market research that helped us frame our product-related research, so we dived straight into user interviews with participants that fitted into the marketing and behavioural segments. We interviewed in a location where the sample of interviewees may not be so familiar with the Westfield Health brand – with this method you get reliable results without customer bias.

Research, design, usability testing process diagram

Following the upfront research we had over 20 user needs written up as user stories.

e.g. As a potential Westfield Health new product customer I need to know the price of my selection so that I can decide if it is affordable to me.

Next we started collaboratively sketching ideas based on the user needs. We worked together sharing and discussing these early prototypes before creating a clickable prototype that we could test with customers. We regularly worked from Westfield’s HQ to make it easy to collaborate.

Sasha, Cam and Mark discussing skecthes

Next we moved on to usability testing – this is a great method to see first-hand how a user experiences your product, from navigation niggles to confusing content, it’s a relatively lightweight way to get insights that can fundamentally change the approach.

Example of a clickable prototype that we can usability test in a browser with users.

The Result

Westfield Health now have a tested prototype for their healthcare insurance product that has been validated with 30 potential customers. The product was challenged and streamlined throughout the process to make sure the end result was a product that customers really needed and would purchase.

Hans Cayley (Westfield Health, Web Team Lead) says, - “I’ve worked with a large number of agencies over the past 10 years and Paper really are doing things differently. Their focus on user needs and making sure that you are designing the right thing before embarking on an expensive development process has already proved invaluable.”

Working with Westfield health has been a great example of how a large business can relatively quickly and cheaply explore new product ideas using a research and design studio like Paper.

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