What makes Paper different?

Our model is a big part of what makes us different.

  1. We value our principles more than money

    We will only work on projects that we think are a good fit for us. We sometimes say no. We don't want to chase revenue by growing a team to deliver cheap work. Our focus is on quality work that meets our principles and makes a difference.

  2. Our profit funds innovation within the business

    We're using profit to ensure that our thinking and skills are up to date, that we are experimental and we remain open to outside influences. At least one day every week we work on innovative or social good projects. This work won't always be commercially driven, but rather it is focused on curiosity, learning and sharing. Our clients only pay for the days we work on their stuff, and so we fund this work from what would be profit. This doesn't mean we have built extra margin into our day rate, in fact our day rate is benchmarked to ensure that it is competitive.

  3. We value leg-ups and free work

    We want to make a positive difference. We think that by making this one of our 4 founding principles it is as integral to our business as any of the others. To deliver on the principle we provide free leg ups to charities, small business and social enterprises. Some of the leg ups are one-off projects and the others are provided via our free-to-attend mentoring event called legup.social in which volunteer mentors from the digital community provide support to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access it.

  4. Paper is independent and self funded

    We’re completely independent. No exclusive partnerships, commission or brownie points from anyone. The three founders self-funded Paper; no loans, no help-me-outs. This means we can help steer clients to the right partners without being restricted.

It starts with a conversation

We’ll happily talk with you and share our experiences, what we know works and what doesn’t. It’s just a chat.

Call us on 0114 360 3604

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Cam Spilman

Managing Director

To chat about upcoming events, partnerships, new opportunities and ventures.

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Jon Rhodes

Project Director

To chat about your project and all things project management and collaboration ideas.

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Mark Goddard

Design Director

To chat about your design challenges, service design and innovation.