We’re a user research and design studio

We design better digital products and services.

We’re not a team of yes people. We work with you to understand your users and potential customers to create better digital experiences.

Mark and Jon from Paper working in the Paper studio
Steve, Jon and Mark working on insight from usability testing
Cam from Paper and Sasha from Westfield Health in a Sketching Workshop looking at designs
Jon and Cam looking at a product canvas board


From websites to chat bots and mobile apps, we have the capacity to create, test and get your digital product up and running…

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  • How we saved the Sheffield CEP time and money

    I suspect we will look back in five years’ time and say that Paper saved us a lot of effort, time and money! Stephen Betts (CEO of Learn Sheffield)

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  • An innovative new startup

    We were approached by Steve Cheshire who needed to develop a brand new service. Paper developed the proposition through research, designed a prototype to deliver the service and tested with target customers.

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What makes Paper different?

Still not made your mind up about us? Our model is a big part of what makes us different.

Our Principles

Our principles guide more than just what we work on, it guides the people and the culture here at Paper.

  1. We value our principles more than money
  2. Our profit funds innovation within the business
  3. We value leg-ups and free work
  4. Paper is independent and self funded

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The way we work

How we work with clients is super important to us.

Steve says, - “Paper really acted as an extension of our small project team. Through working closely together they’ve gained great understanding of our product and there’s a real feeling of us working towards a joint goal.

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We write about things you might find useful such as what we're working on and the industry we work in.

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What is innovation?

We’ve been asked to give a talk at one of Super Fast South Yorkshire’s events (The Art of the Possible). They are offering SME’s match funding for ‘transformational innovation’. For Paper that immediately begs the question, what is innovation?

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