We’re a digital research and design studio

We work with people like you who recognise that design helps businesses to grow, innovate and create closer relationships with customers.

We also create our own products - funded by our own time and money and a need to continue learning.

This sets us apart.

Our work

From websites to chat bots and mobile apps, we have the capacity to create, test and get your digital product up and running.

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We write about things you might find useful such as what we're working or the industry we work in.

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What makes Paper different?

Still not made your mind up about us? Our model is a big part of what makes us different.

Principles over money

Profit funds innovation

Leg ups + freebies

Independent + self-funded

Principles over money

For us, design starts with a conversation

We’ll happily talk with you and share our experiences, what we know works and what doesn’t. It’s just a chat.

Call us on 0114 360 3604

A picture of Cam Spilman
Cam Spilman

Managing Director

To chat about upcoming events, partnerships, new opportunities and ventures.

A picture of Cam Spilman
Jon Rhodes

Project Director

To chat about your project and all things project management and collaboration ideas.

A picture of Cam Spilman
Mark Goddard

Design Director

To chat about your design challenges, service design and innovation.

We're always trying to improve and we'd love for you to give us feedback on our content.