Our work

From websites to chat bots and mobile apps, we have the capacity to create, test and get your digital product up and running.

  • How we saved the Sheffield CEP time and money

    I suspect we will look back in five years’ time and say that Paper saved us a lot of effort, time and money! Stephen Betts (CEO of Learn Sheffield)

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  • An innovative new startup

    We were approached by Steve Cheshire who needed to develop a brand new service. Paper developed the proposition through research, designed a prototype to deliver the service and tested with target customers.

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  • A brand new product for Westfield Health

    I’ve worked with a large number of agencies over the past 10 years and Paper really are doing things differently. Hans Cayley Web Team Lead - Westfield Health

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  • Helping Cavendish Cancer Care increase online donations

    Working with Paper has been fantastic. They really researched our sector and our specific needs. Victoria Wood - Cavendish Cancer Care

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  • Usability testing BearHugs' ecommerce site

    My favourite part of my experience with Paper was the afternoon we spent carrying out usability testing sessions on my website Faye Savoury - BearHugs owner

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  • Say hello to Kev, our first R&D product

    We took an opportunity to improve things at our home, the Globe Works by designing and testing a chatbot to help manage the car park.

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  • Building a community of digital mentors

    legup.social is a community of mentors who support people needing a helping hand with digital.

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Life before Paper

The three founders had a life before Paper (honestly). We've worked on a wide variety of projects, with clients big and small.

Mark's experience

Cam's experience

Jon's experience

We’ve designed a business which doesn’t chase revenue.

We have a diverse portfolio of work. In addition to our usual clients our team also works on leg up or charity work and we actively encourage R&D projects which allow us to learn new skills.

Our principles