Research & Insight will give you a clear understanding of your customers’ needs and which direction your project should take. We offer Research & Insight as a standalone service or as part of a Service Design project.

We will help you understand your customers by using methods including:

  • Contextual Research & Interviews- Immersing ourselves into your customers’ world, speaking to real users on site to extract what they need from your digital product, service, or website

  • Reviewing Analytics - Delving into the analytics running on a product, service, or website to spot patterns, themes, and quantitative user behaviour

  • Usability Testing - Impartially testing an existing website, application, or a prototype to uncover your customers’ needs and frustrations

  • Workshops & Sketching - Getting people together in a room - users, stakeholders, 3rd parties - talking through your project: sharing ideas and sketching things out. We want to help the quietest person in the room to have a voice and feel part of the project (after all, their idea could be a game-changer)

  • Scenarios, Personas & Experience Maps - Creating life-like personas based on the information we’ve gathered about your users to encourage empathy. You should keep these users in mind throughout your project; we’re not just designing for you, we’re designing for them

What comes next?

Following the Research & Insight phase, your project will naturally progress into a solution.

You can read more about what comes next here:

Service Design

Digital Product Design

If you’re not quite ready to move into product or service design, let us help get your project off the ground with our Scoping & Planning service.

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