Cavendish Cancer Care leg up

Helping Cavendish to increase donations on their website

Ann and Krystle talking at Cavendish Cancer Care

We’re working with Cavendish Cancer Care on our third, and biggest, leg up project. You can read here about our first and second ‘leg up’ projects, which is work that Paper does completely free for a charities, start-ups, or social programmes.

The goal for this project is to increase donations for this brilliant charity.

A charity supporting 1,500 people each year

One person every hour in South Yorkshire is diagnosed with cancer. Cavendish provides emotional support through counselling and complementary therapies to over 1,500 cancer patients, their families and their children each year.

To offer this level of support they rely on donations, along with the support of local businesses. And it’s a serious amount of donations too, £507,000 in 2016.

Identifying how we could help

We were contacted by Victoria Wood who’s a fundraiser at the charity. We had previously worked with Victoria at another agency and she knew about our leg up projects.

Like all good projects we started with a kick-off session at Cavendish HQ where we got to meet more of the team, see where treatments take place and hear first-hand how their support makes a difference.

Next we ran a session in our studio identifying key areas of the end to end service, things like tracking time, how long phone calls take to handle and what data is available to use.

Planning out the work

Summary slide from the first two workshops

After chatting through things in detail as a team we decided we should concentrate on donations and the donation journey. We identified five key tasks that needed doing to improve donations:

  1. Setting up an on-site survey. This allowed us to get quick insights from website visitors so we could spot common issues.

  2. Setting up Google Analytics. We updated Google Analytics and implemented Tag Manager to make the data there more meaningful.

  3. Helping with website basics. We spotted a few general things that needed tidying up on the site. These are work in progress and we’re ticking them off each week.

  4. Usability testing the existing Cavendish website. Observing the behaviour of people using the website and asking them questions to gain insight.

  5. Reviewing and redesigning the Donation pages. Once we knew where people were struggling, we were able to suggest improvements.

Why usability testing was invaluable

We’re big fans of usability testing, we really recommend it and we’ve written about it before.

Usability testing for Cavendish had one main aim, to get some insights from real people - potential donors - which may lead to practical, achievable tasks to increase donations to the charity.

With limited time and no budget for incentives we needed to find a way to get access to enough relevant test participants who could all be available on the same day. To solve these issues we joined Cavendish at the starting line of the Yorkshire 10k, where they were the primary charity.

Jon and Cam usability testing

Getting ready for remote usability testing, Paper-style

We spent a lovely Sunday morning speaking with six equally lovely people. The sessions were too short and the environment was less than perfect but we knew that testing the site with real people despite these issues was still the key to uncovering real opportunities for improvement.

We learnt loads and we could see very clear themes. For instance, knowing how donated money would be spent was really important. As was understanding the practical impact of the donation.

Every single person we chatted with said something invaluable. That’s the beauty of usability testing.

Where we are now

We’ve redesigned the donation page content and reduced the number of pages in the donation section of the site. We’ve re-written copy and it’s being approved by the finance team at the charity.

Once it’s got the nod of approval, we’ll put it live and then start measuring the differences.

Hopefully the revised donation page will be live on the site in February 2017, and we’ll share the results when they’re available.

“Working with Paper has been fantastic. They really researched our sector and our specific needs . Dealing with such a sensitive subject matter as cancer care is far from easy which is why it is critical that we engage with companies, like Paper, who are always intelligent and thoughtful in their approach. The results produced are very positive and we can’t wait to see what a difference their input will make to our long term commercial results online.”

Victoria Wood - Fundraiser, Cavendish Cancer Care

If you can, please support this amazing charity:

If you’re a small business, charity or social enterprise that are interested in working with Paper on a future leg-up, please get in touch.

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