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My week at Paper

Hi, I’m Isabella. I came to Paper this week for my work experience and have had an excellent week.

What I did this week

Although my work experience was a bit unusual (having never met any of the Paper team in person), that didn’t stop it being interesting and fun.

Monday Morning:

I began the week on Monday, with an introduction to Paper and Agile ways of working with Jon and Beth. They also explained about Delivery Managers and Scrum Masters. Delivery Managers make sure a project goes as smoothly as possible and makes sure the team can work together. Their role involves many things: communicational skills, financial management, planning, scheduling and helping drive the team and make sure everything is completed on time. Scrum masters are similar to Delivery Managers, but they don’t tell the team what to do. They try to remove obstacles in the team’s way and coaching them in Agile practices.

My time with Urška:

After that, I met Urška and was introduced to Design Thinking and a piece of software called Miro. I then used this to complete my afternoon task. On Miro, I answered questions on the Digital Industry and different roles in Design. On Tuesday, I had my first cuppa call and stand-up. Cuppa calls were created when Paper started to work from home - you can read more in Beth’s article about how Paper have been working from home. I met most of the team (the ones who weren’t on projects), before going through the Monday afternoon task with Urška.

The Little Red Riding Hood Project:

I then had an introduction to the Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) Project. The LRRH project is about a girl, called Little Red Riding Hood, who lives in a village near a forest. She loves baking for her grandmother, who lives in the forest, but since lots of the people living in the village have turned Vegan, the wolves living in the forest are no longer being hunted. It is dangerous to travel through the forest as the wolves can smell out the baking and then steal it. The only people able to sneak past the wolves are the hunters, and since the people of the village have turned Vegan, they have lost their income.

Little Red Riding Hood, would therefore, like an app to be created that would help the villagers request a pickup of baking by the hunters to be delivered in the forest to their grandparents. Rachael then introduced me to User Research and for my afternoon task, I read some transcripts of some interviews of Little Green Riding Hood (another baker with grandparents in the forest), a Hunter and a Grand-mother living in the forest. I then used these to fill in some empathy maps on Miro.

Wednesday and Thursday:

I started Wednesday with a chat with Cam about how the first two days were going (they had been brilliant) before having another cuppa call and stand-up. I then went through the empathy maps with Rachael before meeting Mark, who explained Service Design. In the afternoon, I made a Service Blueprint of how the app could work, for the users- the grandparents and villagers- and employers, the hunters.

I then went through the afternoon task with Mark and Beth on Thursday morning, before meeting Faye, who explained content design and gave me some tips for how to write this article. I have had an excellent week at Paper, and enjoyed every minute, whilst learning some really interesting things.