Introducing Faye

Faye is our shiny new person at Paper

Faye Goodworth looking happy at Kollider

Another Paper newbie!

Hi there! 🙋‍♀️ My name is Faye and I’ve just joined the Paper team as a Content Designer.

My background isn’t in design

At university I studied languages. I got myself a completely useless but SO MUCH FUN Master’s degree translating Spanish children’s books into English. After that I worked as an English Language Consultant at a translation agency, then a copywriter on the marketing team at a digital bank.

I met Paper a couple of summers ago

I first came across Paper shortly after defecting to the product side of that business. I’d moved into a weird, sort-of-hybrid product manager role where I spent half my time acting as product owner in a scrum(ish) team, and the other half writing microcopy and working with designers on user journeys.

I was learning lots from my then manager Aden, a big advocate for user-oriented design who was doing his best to make a content designer out of me. But as a business, we hadn’t got very far with all the good user research stuff. When Paper’s Mark and Jenny – a super smart and lovely Paper freelancer – came in to help us speak to our customers and teach us about user needs, the way I thought about both parts of my job really changed, and I became an increasingly fierce defender of our customers.

I remember thinking ‘these Paper people are so cool, the stuff they do is so great’ and hoping that I’d one day be half as useful in my own job.

Paper is a nice place to be

After hanging about in the Studio here for a couple of weeks I can tell you it’s the most positive experience of a new job I’ve ever had. I joined Paper after an extended (two-month!) summer holiday and I wasn’t even slightly miserable.

My main observation so far is that the Paper way of doing things is wonderfully collaborative and supportive. I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that a team of user researchers and designers have taken every effort to understand what individual people need and build an (iteratively improving 😉) inclusive and happy place to work.

Just a few examples of this in action:

  • At the end of every day Slackbot asks how we’re all getting on, reminding us to check in with each other
  • We’ve written personal ‘user guides’ to help the rest of the team understand how we work
  • On Fridays we catch up on how each of our projects are going and see if we can help anyone
  • We’re working together on a policy about how we treat people we work with

The team has made me feel super comfy, dispelling any new-job woes I might have had about fitting in or feeling under pressure to learn everything all at once. It just means I can concentrate on getting excited for some juicy content work instead.

And I am excited!

I am thrilled that the Paper team chose to bring me on board, and for the chance to get involved in and learn more about all the fantastic things they do.

There’s been such a nice mix of interesting and worthwhile projects that it’s hard to choose the sort of thing I’d most like to help with. I think I’m most drawn to research and design projects that help charities, or improve public services that are used by lots of people with an important job to do. I’m here to make information clearer, more relevant, more inclusive, and more accessible to more people, so they can spend less time navigating it and more time getting on with their lives.

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