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My week at Paper

Hi I’m Alex, I’m a year 10 student that came to Paper for my work experience. I had a great week, and had a real laugh with Paper’s amazing team.

I came to Paper as I have always wanted to work in the digital industry so I wanted to see what it was like.

So in this blog I will be sharing my weeks experience here.

What i got up to

So on Monday I got introduced to the team and got all set up, this included getting set up on a mac and getting logged into my email. In the afternoon Urška talked me through what desk research was, its when you do research about what you are going to do before you actually do it, and how they go about it. I was then set a challenge to design a new way for Paper to display their ideas and progress, I used what Urska had told me about desk research to complete this, and had a fun time doing so.

Next, on Tuesday I was introduced to user research and got to sit in on an observation session, were i watched a user go through and try to figure their way through a prototype of a website, and then I wrote up what i observed

I took a trip to Manchester on Wednesday with Jon. I visited some of the company’s Paper had worked with in the past such as Co-op, Freshfields, and the Department of Education. I got an insight into what the team was doing in DfE.

I also had lunch with a partner company called DXW.

Alex and the team at Mackie Mayor in Manchester Picture credit: Sharon Dale

On Thursday I was given a tour round Kollider and sat in on this “Dragons Den” kind of thing for new startup companies to get a desk in the building, I had fun judging the companies and learned not how to handle criticism from one person. Later in the day, I got to go to Paper’s 3rd birthday party, I got to meet many people and some of their dogs. And for Friday I wrote this blog post and reflected on my week at Paper.

Overall it was a great experience and has definitely helped me figure out what I might want to do when I leave school, like become a web designer.