Introducing Rachael

Rachael is our shiny new person at Paper

Introducing Rachael

Another Paper newbie!

Well, it’s another year and another new starter in the Paper team, and what better way to celebrate than by writing a blog post! My name is Rachael and I am joining the team as a user researcher.

My background

My road to Paper has been a slightly winding one, as my background is actually working in food product development. I specialised in all things cake - working with major retailers before moving on to branded products. Having worked in product development for nearing on 5 years, I realised that I preferred working with consumers to understand why they buy, their routes to certain products, and all the other nerdy research elements that were based more on an individual’s needs, wants and how their perceptions may affect their decisions. Once I realised that the life of a researcher was the one for me, I took myself back to university to hone those skills and focus on finding a career which allowed me to focus on consumers’ as unique people, and come up with routes to engage them.

How I met Paper

When I finished my masters I started working as a freelance researcher, which is how I came to meet Paper. I originally worked on a Discovery project for the DfE as a user researcher back in December 2017, and instantly felt a connection to the team and their ways of working. I left the project in March 2018 and went to work on audience insights for another government department: building profiles of different types of audiences to inform communication plans. While it was a fascinating role, I missed the buzz of conducting primary research and the depth of information you gain from doing it. So I was absolutely over the moon when Paper offered me a permanent role with them.

Looking to the future

I am so happy to be working with a company that truly values ethics and principles as well as really focusing on innovation and creativity at work. They’re values that I have always applied to my personal life, so cannot wait to embed it into my work life as well.

I’m most looking forward to working across a broad spectrum of projects and really digging into how we can find solutions to improve the lives of our clients and their users.

About Rachael

Rachael has experience working on product development, audience insight, consumer understanding and user research.

Rachael has worked with; Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, The Cooperative, Premier Foods, Cadbury’s, DfE, Defra and Sheffield Hallam University.

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