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What growing pains?

We’ve been quiet this past 6 months. Between 1st January and 15th March 2017 we’d written 5 articles about the work we’re doing or thoughts. So far to date we’ve not written anything since September last year.

We’re growing

We’re not unique with this. Growing is a key part of the continuous development a startup has to do. We’ve recently taken on our first new member of the team, Urška, who joined us in January (she will be writing to say hello very soon) so it’s our first taste of what Paper might really be in the future.

We’ve also had our best quarter yet which has seen us work with Co-op Digital, Department for Education, Rape Crisis England & Wales and Doteveryone. It’s kept us busy, but hasn’t really given us much time to think about our other project, Paper.

Continuing the growth

Growth isn’t all about hiring more people though. It’s also about growing emotionally, developing better communication, and continuing our skills development.

With the people we’ve been working with over these past 6 months we’ve learnt a lot about how our business needs to continue evolving, and what it needs to change to make growth less painful and to iterate the business.

I spoke to about how we’ve designed our startup, and about how we went about the hiring process. You can listen here:

What next?

As projects come to a close and we get more time to think I believe we need to retrospectively consider:

  • the last 3-6 months and how it has changed us
  • how we continue our skills development
  • what we could do better
  • start to develop policies for how we work (learning from mistakes)
  • consider improving our working environment
  • many other things…🙃

We're running low on space We’re running low on space so we’ve resorted to using the door for retrospectives!