At the beginning of a project, getting your Scoping & Planning spot on is essential. Once we’ve got this part right, we will continue to work with you to research and design your service or product.


We take a diligent approach to scoping your project, highlighting any risks that you may face and offering advice and guidance on how those risks can be mitigated. This will help to create a clear vision for your project that you, and the rest of your business can get behind.

You’ll typically come away from our scoping process with a clear understanding of:

  • Project responsibilities
  • Project delivery: iteratively (i.e. agile) or sequentially (i.e. waterfall)
  • Realistic dates and timelines
  • Project documentation
  • Prioritised backlog of high-level user stories


Our planning process ties the commercial goals to the delivery of your project. We will make sure that you can always explain to your stakeholders how much your project is going to cost, how long it’s likely to take, and what value you expect to see in return.

The outcomes from our planning process typically include:

  • A business case highlighting ROI
  • A measurement plan (how your project delivers against business objectives)
  • Cost estimates (we’re always 100% transparent with our costs)
  • Project schedule (including people and teams, sprints, dependencies, and risks)


We’re massive advocates of good, solid collaboration.

When we’re working on your project, we will:

  • Make sure that everything is understood by everyone
  • Recommend tools that will make your life easier
  • Create useful project documents (not the ones that nobody reads)
  • Facilitate sessions to make sure that you get the most value from everyone involved
  • Encourage stakeholder buy in by involving them in the project process

What comes next?

Following the Scoping & Planning phase, you will probably want to get a clear understanding of what your customers’ needs are before diving into the design.

You can read more about what comes next here:

Research & Insight

Service Design

Digital Product Design

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