The Benefits

Reduce risk

“I want to avoid doing things that my customers don’t need”

You might want to

Reduce unnecessary scope creep

Keep stakeholders in check by making sure everyone is focused on the project goals

Reduce overall cost

Prioritise work that has a defined ROI and meets specific user needs

Reduce risk

Test the usability of design upfront before committing to large scale development and integration

Avoid technical debt

Understand the behaviour of users that might lead to recurring development work

Get buy-in from the business

Demonstrate solutions early on to make sure they are aligned to your business objectives

Why our services deliver

Research & Insight

Find out what people need from you

Scoping & Planning

Define benchmarks and KPIs for measuring ROI

Digital Product Design

Test and improve lo-fi prototypes before committing to build

On Demand

Work on small ideas to prove the value iteratively

Service Design

Identify opportunities to reduce the risk of your project in the context of your end to end service

Our approach can include

Understanding your business

Sketching workshop

Working collaboratively to tease out ideas and solutions from the whole team

Measurement plan

Agreeing what we are measuring and how we demonstrate ROI

Technical partner workshop

Testing the feasibility of a design against any technical limitations

Quality assurance

Ongoing collaboration with technical partners to ensure the integrity of design is maintained throughout development

Understanding your customer

User interviews & surveys

Opening up conversations with customers early to avoid assumptions and identify needs


Removing the risk of building redundant features by testing out ideas first

Document user needs

Identifying high value needs that need to be prioritised

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Reduce costs

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Reduce risk

I want to avoid doing things that my customers don’t need

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