You can guarantee our time each month by joining our On Demand service. Giving you access to your own research and design team as and when you need it.

What it is

Having access to a specialist research and design team enables our clients to keep things moving even at the busiest times of the year.

You need to experiment and you need a team of creative people who can quickly pick up an idea and run with it. On Demand will help you avoid bottlenecks in your business and give you access to a fresh set of eyes when you need it.

How it works

We can work from an agreed backlog of ideas that need to be picked up and run with month-to-month, or you can bank your time and we will jump on ad hoc tasks as and when they come.

You can use guaranteed time each month to work with us on things like:

  1. Elaborating your ideas You have an idea of how to improve something within your business, but you’re not sure how to approach it. We can help with a light touch research and design phase to help you explore and test the idea and give it direction.

  2. Creating lightweight prototypes Need to test a change with users, or demonstrate a change to your stakeholders to get their buy-in? Creating prototypes that are lightweight enables you to get them in front of people quickly and get feedback early on.

  3. Challenging your business, impartially Your business has been working on a product or service but you feel it needs fresh thinking. We’ll approach your service or product with design thinking to challenge ideas and encourage them to flourish.

  4. Testing with real users Understand how your changes will impact customers with ad hoc user research and, where we have made a prototype, with usability testing. Enabling you to make confident decisions.

  5. Helping to align you with digital How can the product or service you’re working on align with a fast paced digital industry? We’re part of that industry and understand it better than anyone.

  6. Quality Assurance We’re on hand to help your development team maintain the integrity of the design and to iron out any inconsistencies that might hurt the overall customer experience.

How much does it cost

If you want to know about costs, get in touch for a quick chat. We can give you ballpark cost on the call, so you can start to gauge the feasibility of partnering with Paper.

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