Applications are currently closed.

While we’re looking for specific roles we appreciate that these can be very specialist, and may put people off getting in touch at all. If you have some experience which relates, and feel it’s something you really want to do, have a look at our job with no title.

Paper is a user research and design studio. We decided right at the very beginning we would specialise, as this is what we enjoy, and what we’re good at.

We’re concerned that because roles like “delivery manager” and “user researcher” are still new job titles, they exclude those who may have the skills, but don’t have the experience. So, if you feel you fit into that category this might be for you.

In 2017 we wrote the “job with no title”, and we think it’s time it made a return.

If it interests you, even if you’re not sure about some bits, please apply.

What will I be doing?

You tell us! We build teams who work together to solve problems and help those we work with understand more about the people who use the services we design. If you think about the proven skills you have, and think about how those skills translate, even just a little bit, it’s worth having a chat with us.

Who are you looking for?

We’re trying to find those who have great potential, and will fit into our business. We want to see people who want support to learn and develop and have a desire to learn a new role (such as user research, design etc).

How might you shape our business?

Our culture is of openness and transparency. We’re not afraid to ask difficult questions of our business to make it a better place to work. But we want you to ask some of those questions too. We’re learning as we go, we have a set of published principles that guide the decisions we make. You will help us learn what being a Paper employee is all about and how we can make being an employee a good experience.

How this role will challenge you

You’ll have opportunities to challenge yourself to learn and adapt at a rapid pace. Most of the work we do is working with the unknown and asking “what if?”. It’s not all about billable work either, you will be working on Paper funded R&D projects to create your own (and others’) products.

What’s it like to work at Paper?

We work hard to make Paper a great place to work. We’re an honest and transparent group of people and are guided by our principles. We’re not here to be a bum on a seat, we’re here to make a difference. We’re not “yes people”. We’re realists and we work hard to make things the best they can be.

This is not an easy role, and that’s why it’s a great opportunity. You’ll be joining an experienced team who have crafted this business. We want you to challenge our approach to give us an extra insight into how we run our business.

Diversity and opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer and diversity is very important to us as a business both in the work we do and the people we work with. We encourage you to get in touch no matter what.