Applications are currently closed.

If it interests you, even if you’re not sure about some bits, please apply.

The delivery lead role is relatively new and you may have the skills we’re interested in, but call yourself something else.

Being a Delivery lead at Paper

We’re looking to grow our delivery capability and need great people who can build teams and deliver great products and services.

Paper is nearly 3 years old and our core team of 5, and the community of freelancers working with us, need someone who can support our ambitions and work with our clients to deliver on user needs.

You’ll be expected to be a competent and confident delivery lead who makes good decisions and will be trusted to manage these decisions and ask for help when needed.

You’ll be expected to deliver projects based on the needs of the project itself, the client, and the team at Paper.

At this stage we’re interested in hearing from people of all skill levels. There are a couple of core skills to fulfill and we’d be interested to hear from people who associate with these.

Core skills of a delivery lead at Paper:

  • Communicate effectively and adapt when needed
  • Be organised
  • Facilitate groups of people
  • Build, manage, and motivate teams
  • Identify obstacles and find solutions to overcome them
  • Be a dab hand with numbers and dates

Nice to have skills:

  • Experience with agile ways of working
  • Leadership, mentoring and guidance

Salary and benefits

Tough one. We’re a new business and we’ll be honest, we can’t (yet) match monetary amounts some larger organisations are offering (Sky, Home Office et al) but we do believe we have a unique proposition and want to grow with you. If you really want to work with us we will push as much as possible to accommodate your salary. We also offer 25 days of holidays.

We also offer flexible working which we are happy to chat about and part/full time employment.

Alternative job titles you may associate with

We’re looking to hire a delivery lead, but the following roles or job titles align to what we think will be a good fit for the type of person we’re looking for.

Delivery Manager (or Agile Delivery Manager)

If you’ve worked in UK Government, or organisations with a larger digital presence, this might be one of the most recent positions you’ve held. In Government, a Delivery Manager is responsible for; setting up the agile environment for a team, removing obstacles or ‘blockers’, helping a team be better at autonomously organising work, and making sure accessibility is a priority

Project manager (or Agile Project Manager)

A more traditional varied title, difficult to pin down as it varies on sectors. A Project Manager will likely be managing (read, balancing) people, schedules, budgets, expenses, expectations, and reporting

Scrum Master

Nabbed this from an interesting blog post “Scrum masters should be comfortable doing just about anything to help their team and should be not slink away from grabbing coffees or some snacks if that’s what the team really needs.” That

Programme Manager

You may be managing multiple projects and any shared dependencies between them. You’ll likely be creating an environment where everyone knows what to do and how to do it, providing cultural direction to a team, being the point of contact for a Senior Responsible Owner and other senior stakeholders and comfortable talking to the big wigs in an organisation

What’s it like to work at Paper?

We work hard to make Paper a great place to work. We’re an honest and transparent group of people and are guided by our principles. We’re not here to be a bum on a seat, we’re here to make a difference. We’re not “yes people”. We’re realists and we work hard to make things the best they can be.

This is not an easy role, and that’s why it’s a great opportunity. You’ll be joining an experienced team who have crafted this business. We want you to challenge our approach to give us an extra insight into how we run our business.

Diversity and opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer and diversity is very important to us as a business both in the work we do and the people we work with. We encourage you to get in touch no matter what.